27 February 2010

Hearing loss

image from esquire.com

I went to my first official preschool open house today.

I was surprised at how many children were there. Not sure why - I mean hello Alex, it is a preschool.

I think what it was that there was in imbalance of visiting families to attending families (whose kids go to the preschool), plus their siblings - so it seemed like utter chaos. Well, maybe controlled chaos. Where there are usually only 12 children there were now 20 something, from 10 months to 6 years.

I lasted an hour. I listened and asked a few questions, met some people. But then, just like that my meter was up - I had to leave. And when I got outside, I realized, it was the noise.

I think this is why we don't give birth to 3 year olds - we need time to loose our hearing.

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