26 February 2010

Champagne + Cupcakes

In less than a month, the nugget is turning one. And up until a month ago, I was anti-birthday party. Not anti-celebrating this amazing tiny person or his wonderful birth or me for that matter, but anti the over-the-top, really-just-for-the-adults-party that you often get invited to. But then, as the party invitations started to come our way from other little nuggets who are turning one around the same time, I started to think "The nugg should have a party too."

So, we decided on champagne and cupcakes, at the park, with a just a handful of our favorite people, his and ours.

But here's the thing, I don't bake. My mom doesn't bake. I think I made her feel really bad one year about the fact that I never received a box of homemade cookies while I was away at college or a homemade birthday cake for that matter. She must have taken that to heart because for my 21st birthday she appeared with a carrot cake, de la casa, made all by herself. Anyway, I too assumed I would just head to one of the many cupcake bakeries in here in San Francisco, pick out a few and that would be the end of it.

And then, as I was perusing the pages of the new Small, there on the page was this sweetly perfect little cupcake. It is a creation of Cheryl Pooro's whose blog is nothing less than an inspiration to get out the mixing bowls and the measuring cups.

So I am inspired to make the nugget's 1st birthday cupcake. And if all else fails, my brother who is magic in the kitchen will be there to back-me up. I will let you know how it turns out.

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  1. I'm so excited for the nugget's first birthday! Wish me and Lois could be there too. I know your cupcakes will be great :) Does the nugget still have his party hat? I hope so! I would make a new one for him, but we don't have our stuff yet!! xoxxo Miss you.