11 November 2008

Yes, I think she is great. I do.

And she has done it again - this time with GOOP, a lifestyle site for everything from hotels in Barcelona to adrenal fatigue.

And it's just really fun to read.

03 November 2008

I've always wanted to buy an old truck and cross the United States - visiting every possible local flea market that I could find. In preparation for this "trip", I have this pile of magazine clippings about the best flea markets, and instead of keeping more paper, I am just going to start a list here...

New York
US Flea Market Directory: A Guide to the Best Flea Markets in All 50 Statesby Albert LaFarge
Pictures from a very old Lucky magazine

02 November 2008

It's Sunday morning - the first Sunday of the month and that means the Alameda Flea Market is taking place. All week I was thinking of right now - walking through the stalls, searching for treasures. But yesterday, as the rain was streaming from the heavens and I was cleaning up, I realized how many unfinished "projects" are sitting all around me - the paint chipped dresser, the dresser for baby in the trunk of our car, the box of "needs sewing", unframed artwork. So, instead of adding, which inevitably happens when I go to Alameda, I stayed put. But I am dreaming of the first Sunday of December...