02 November 2008

It's Sunday morning - the first Sunday of the month and that means the Alameda Flea Market is taking place. All week I was thinking of right now - walking through the stalls, searching for treasures. But yesterday, as the rain was streaming from the heavens and I was cleaning up, I realized how many unfinished "projects" are sitting all around me - the paint chipped dresser, the dresser for baby in the trunk of our car, the box of "needs sewing", unframed artwork. So, instead of adding, which inevitably happens when I go to Alameda, I stayed put. But I am dreaming of the first Sunday of December...


  1. Sounds like my thought process every flea market weekend! I talk myself out of it once I take stock of what's already around me even though I'd still love to go.

  2. Whoops, I was logged in as my husband before when I left that comment.