22 March 2009

Born at home

And still after 6 months, I have yet to sit down and write our story.

So please, be patient with me...

14 March 2009

Project Baby

Really, all babies need is you. But in addition to you, your attention and presence, there are certain modern inventions that have become necessities or at least extremely helpful for new parents.

As my due date seemed to get closer and closer, I could feel the pressure of wanting to feel ready or prepared - somewhat of an illusion since I had absolutely no idea what was headed my way. But somehow having the right diapers, a few clothes and a Boppy made me think i was ready for anything.

I could feel myself getting all overwhelmed by the choices, so instead of going to Babies'R'Us and relying on the young employees there who have no idea, I simply asked 10 of my favorite moms (who are also my close friends) for their 10 lists - the things they wish they had or had that made all the difference. I asked them to include manufacturer or brand - why reinvent the wheel and make life harder - if something works, just go for it.

This list is made of the top 1o lists I received - when an item or brand was listed at least 5 times, I figured I couldn't go wrong. (I have added my 2 cents on favorite brands now that I am on the other side.)

Stuff for baby
Revised February 1, 2012 - after welcoming baby number 2 and doing it all over again

For baby
1. Graco Snug Ride Infant Carseat
2. Snap N Go stroller (to go with Infant carseat until you figure out what stroller you need)
3. Ergo Baby Carrier with infant insert
4. Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow (whether you are breast or bottle feeding)
5. Hat (knot hat from Kate Quinn is the best)
6. Miracle Swaddle Blanket or Swaddle Me Swaddler
7. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets (you can use these for everything!)
8. Dresser or storage unit w/changing pad
9. California Baby products
10. Onesies from Carters (long and short sleeve)
11. Sleep gowns (about 5-7 of them) and the footed one piece outfits from Baby Gap (save the cute clothes for after 3 months, maybe even 6)
12. Rocker or Glider
13. Diapers - Pampers Newborn (until you decide on cloth or disposable) and Huggies Nighttime (this is a trick to help sleep through the night)

For mom
1. Medela Pump-N-Style Breastpump and Lansinoh milk freezer storage bag
2. Sitz bath herbs (for mama), available at Scarlet Sage in San Francisco

Okay so it turned into 13 items, but I figured that in some circles that is considered lucky. So that is what I bought - no more, no less. The rest shall we say, you figure out one day at a time.

10 March 2009

It was one of the perfect spring days in San Francisco - and this was the day that I joined a very pregnant group of women to walk the labrynth in front of the great towers of Grace Cathedral.
In a maze, there is the potential to get lost and confused - to take the wrong turn and end up at a dead end. But with a labrymth, there is only the path - the right path, that unfolds with each step and will present itself if you trust and simply follow. This is a beautiful metaphor for birth - for the process will reveal itself and it is our duty to listen, pay attention and simply follow the path that presents itself to us.
And so we walked.
Slowly and together - mindful of our feet on the pavement, mindful of the women ahead of us and behind us, mindful of the birds, the gentle breeze, mindful of the construction workers enjoying their lunch in the warmth of the sunshine, mindful of the bursting little boys bursting with energy as they walked to their next class.
And, it was all as it should have been - a perfect snapshot of life, with it's noises, laughter, distractions and imperfections.