28 February 2010

Spring forward

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Ohhh the time change. More light, warmer weather, oh wait, we're in San Francisco - but it does mean more light. And it means its almost spring. And that should just make everyone happy.

But it also means we loose an hour on Sunday March 14th and it usually takes me a week to start feeling normal again. I thinking it will affect the nugget similarly.

So I figured I would share the info that sleep consultant Angelique Millete shared with her clients in her e-newsletter with all of you...maybe there is a tidbit of info that might just make springing forward a little bit easier, on everyone.

from the e-newsletter of Angelique Millete

You can help your baby/toddler by starting to adjust ahead of the time change on Sunday. Starting Tuesday night (March 9th) begin to put baby down 10 minutes earlier for bed. You can do this by comforting, singing or reading, and/or starting the bedtime ritual/routine 10 minutes earlier. Do this for the rest of the week, so when the time change does happen, your baby or toddler will have slowly adjusted to the new time.

If your baby/toddler’s bedtime is 7pm, it will look like this:

Tues. 6:50pm bedtime
Wed. 6:40pm bedtime
Thurs. 6:30pm bedtime
Fri. 6:20pm bedtime
Sat. 6:10pm bedtime
Sun. 7pm bedtime (new time- old time will be 6pm)

Also, if your baby or toddler has been going to bed early (for example 6pm) and waking up early (5am) you can use the time change to help move your baby or toddler's schedule to a little later in the day. Rather than following the proposed early bedtime schedule suggested above, stick to your bedtime on Sunday night (old time of 6pm), which will now be the new time (7pm). If you use this approach to shift the schedule later, keep in mind that you baby or toddler may be a little more tired the first few nights, especially at Sunday night's bedtime.

It takes about a week for baby/toddler to adjust to the new time. Your little one may be a bit cranky, or seem more tired then usual. Stick to your routine, and keep the day time naps the same time. And enjoy the longer days exploring and playing with your little one.

Sleep well everyone.

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