13 October 2009

Hello body, nice to meet you.

Image from http://joyofnia.com/welcome.html

We had to introduce ourselves at the beginning of class and say why we had signed up for this 8 week Nia class.

Yoga is too slow and hip hop is too fast is what came out of my mouth.

I am in awe of the new moms who sign up for baby-boot camp, start running their regular 5k ritual or rejoin their advanced yoga class shortly after giving birth. My body has revolted and it is a different body from what it was 15 months ago. It is a body I am not quite familiar with. But it is mine and though I have a closet of cloths that remind me of what was, I am working on embracing and even accepting what is.

My hope, without being attached to any kind of result or outcome, is that this Nia class will be a chance to get re-acquainted.

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