26 August 2009

I too was overwhelmed with all the choices and it made me crazy that most people said they had a "few" strollers, all for different things and uses. We live in San Francisco, in an apartment with lots of stairs and little space. I was not willing to have several different strollers or spend close to $1000 and I finally found the solution: The City Mini by Baby Jogger. It is available locally at Lullaby Lane in San Bruno.
1. Extremely easy to close - with one hand. I can hold baby, close it and put it in the trunk
2. Very light
3. Under $250
4. Infant car sear adaptor is extra - means you can use this stroller from the beginning (no need for snap'n'go)
5. Small and narrow enough to navigate aisles in stores and boutiques
6. Huge sun canopy (that I haven't used yet since we're still using the infant car seat with adaptor)
7. Back rest folds down to almost flat - for napping
8. Big wheels - foam not air, so you can't puncture them. Also, front wheel swivels for easy manuverability or locks in place when needed
9. Weight up to 50 lb - so we'll have this stroller for a while
10. Nice colors
1. Handle bar is not adjustable for different heights (but it is at a good height for everyone in our family 5'7" to 6'4"
2. Drink holder is extra
3. Storage space underneath is adequate, not huge
4. It's not actually a jog stroller - if you need that I recommend getting a proper jogging stroller that will be used for only that purpose - not your everyday needs.
Since this post was written:
Stroller was recalled because of malfuntion in buckle. Problem has been fixed on ALL new models. All models get a replacement buckle and problem is solved.
A now without the infant car seat, I LOVE it even more!
On Muni a few weeks ago and you should have seen the drivers face when I folded it up in one quick motion! I dream of big prams - the kind with the big wheels - perhaps its the life that goes along with it - long strolls along the pedestrian only paths of Europe - set amidts the backdrop of crumbing city walls, sidewalk cafes and......or then there is Muni and navigating the streets of SF.

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