24 August 2009

This too shall pass...

I ran into a friend of my brother's today. He is 30, a dad to a 1 1/2 year old and a police officer. I remember him from his college days - quite different from the man who was now standing in front 0f me. I introduced him to the nugget. And he melted. Immediately.
He saw the little nugget toes moving around in the sunshine and with a sort of longing said "Oh, I miss those baby toes. Those feet. My guy has dude feet and they stink. Can I just hold him?"
And with that he took him into his arms and simply inhaled. And right there, on the street in Mill Valley I was reminded that this too shall pass. I realized in that moment that I have only so much time left with those little feet. Those feet with those toes that stay all curled up when he is gleefully engrossed in the new object I hold in front of him. Those feet with those toes that seem to collect lint even when he is not wearing any socks. Those feet with those toes that are as soft as clouds. Those feet with those toes that fit perfectly into the palm of my hand.

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