26 August 2009

Put away the thong

So at one point, it was just time.
Time to embrace mom underwear.

It became a matter of comfort and since I was indeed needing some new undergarments and I was in fact pregnant, I ventured into the Motherhood Maternity Outlet and bought the Hipster 3 pack.

And can I tell you - I LOVE this underwear.

Now, 5 months postpartum, I bought a second pack. You see, as a new mom, you spend a lot of time on the ground and even more time bending over to clean things up and pick up the babe. So where before, a peeking panty or thong show with low rise jeans was for some fashion forward, now it's just not cool, no matter what.

Available at: motherhood maternity hipster panties

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for publicly embracing mom-undies. It has been my little secret since pregnancy. I love my mom-undies! :n)