03 June 2009

Moving on

I did it. Today I put away my last pair of pregnancy jeans. Actually, I was my only pair of pregnancy jeans that I probably wore everyday in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy.

For over 2 months they have been comfortable and seeing that my old clothes don't quite fit and I am not willing to but anything new, I held on to these as long as I could.

But this morning I was inspired by a post on Making it Lovely, so I followed suite - the jeans are packed away with the few other maternity pieces that I bought. Because at one point you reach this feeling - of really not wanting to associate with being pregnant. And even if your body is different and somewhat unfamiliar, and maybe not the size that you want it to me, you just can't get yourself to put on those jeans anymore.

And on that day, it is a milestone. It is simply part of this transition that is marked by turning points. And since most of the turning points in the first year belong to your baby - indulge in this one. Celebrate it. Put the jeans away and buy yourself something. No matter what size it is.

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