29 January 2010

So long Sophie

And just like that, she gets discarded. Thrown to the side with the other baby toys that have now been replaced with toy trains, music making drums and push carts with wheels. I thought Sophie would be around forever - well at least until his first birthday.

I don't when it happened - when my baby became a little boy. But he has, and on one hand it is the most delightful stage to experience and on the other I notice how I too no longer look at baby things or need to talk about baby topics. He and I are onto dump-trucks, sirens and building blocks. You can forget anything soft and gentle - the plush toys, the "lovie" - they are all in a bin collecting dust.

So today, the baby toys went into their own little plastic bag and they will go with the other baby things that we are saving should there be a number two.

This parenting thing is indeed the greatest lesson that in fact nothing stays as it is.

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  1. Once again, your beautifully written blog has moved me to tears. Your words have captured the essence of what I've been feeling but have not slowed down enough to acknowledge....