16 January 2010

The only sleep advice that works

I have read every book and tried every solution.

And the only thing that made any difference was this these 3 words that start with C by the totally outrageous author Gary Ezzo, whom you either loathe or love:

Cuddles & kisses

Cuddles and kisses are easy - you do that anyway. So don't stop. And trust your instinct - if your baby needs to be cuddled and kissed and held and rocked and it's three o'clock in the morning, do it. Do it because they are tiny and everything is new and scary and overwhelming and frightening and they are too little to be manipulating you in any way.

Be consistent in everything that you do. Every day, every night, every nap, every bath, every morning, every bedtime. Your adult self will fight this monotony - but don't let it for consistency is how babies learn. And if we give them the chance, they are far brighter than we think they are.

And your confidence will come. Because when you are consistent and patient, things change. Your baby changes. Your baby sleeps. And then, you can feel confident that what you do and what you did makes a difference, with everything, every time.

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