16 January 2010

Nugget goes exploring

And then one day you turn around and your little baby can walk up to the pantry, open the pantry and empty the pantry.

I noticed him, amidst whatever task I was doing on the kitchen and at the moment he noticed me watching. And then there was this sort of acknowledgement like "You keep doing what you are doing and I'll keep doing what I am doing." And so I turned around and kept doing whatever I was doing. But something made me stop. Something made me turn around and sit down on my kitchen floor. Something made me just stop and pay attention.

It may have been 2 minutes or it may have been 10 and either way, nothing else seemed to matter.

Have you ever sat down on your kitchen floor? Have you ever really seen what their world looks like? It gives you a whole new perspective on the cabinets you open and close a hundred times a day or the floor tiles that you thought were clean but realize it was a false clean seen from 5+ feet up.

Anyway, I don't think the nugget really knew that I was watching him and it is not something that he will ever remember, but its a moment in time I hope to never forget.

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