15 December 2009


It's inevitable - whenever I think, "Um, something is up. I wonder what is going on with the nugget", I open up the big red book and sure enough the world has changed again.

The nugget world that is.

This time it is the world of categories, in which his little brain starts to realize that some things belong together in groups while other don't. It is a developmental leap that involves his whole being and every sense he's got - sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. So, it makes only sense that he tires easily, cries easily and has the most serious, pensive look on his face, most of the time.

This developmental leap tends to have many defining characteristics, but the ones that seem extremely pertinent to us at the moment are:

- Gets bored easily
- Gets anxious and frustrated when mom walks around
- Demands mama's full attention, even if he is interested in something else
- Sweet + Sour (or I like to call this Jekyl + Hyde) - one minute sugar and spice and the next, well...I can't use that word here
- Listlessness (moments of staring into space)
- Hating the diaper changing routine
- Babyish regression (wobbly, needy, etc)
- Whimpering, all day long

Sound familiar anyone?

What I have to trust, is that again, this too will pass. And that it is my job to love him even the rough patches - even the grating-on-my-nerves whimpering.

My job to love it all. My job to love it all. My job to love it all. My job to love it all. My job to love it all.

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