14 December 2009


Usually when something crosses my path twice, from two different sources of equal influence in my life, I pay attention. The first time I heard about Babies, I was intrigued. The second time, I knew I needed to write about it.

This is the story - of four babies, in four countries - Mongolia, Namibia, United States and Japan - during their first year of life. How, in the end and I suppose at the beginning, our similarities are universal, our differences not that important. A baby, is a baby, is a baby - no matter where you are.

I have been thinking about this subject with every new decision I have to make concerning the nugget. During our travels the year before he was born, we saw babies in slings on 8 year olds in Laos, babies in hand-made hammocks in Thailand, babies on 6 hour bus rides in Ecaudor, babies on mopeds in Vietnam, babies without diapers everywhere. Babies without safety straps, or hand sanitizer, or organic pureed pears. Babies without sippy cups and plastic bibs. Babies without cribs and co-sleepers and nurseries. Babies with love, babies with joy and babies with little if no melt-downs.

So, I am overly excited to see this film - for its beauty and perhaps more the reminder that in fact, with very little, much happiness is possible. And that in the end - babies need us and that is all.

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