03 December 2009

My mom gave me this book a few weeks after I gave birth. She thought it was really cute. I have to admit, I chuckled.

When I mentioned it at the reunion of our childbirth prep class one of the women said, "Oh my god, my husband already does all of those things." I think the rest of us smiled sharply, trying to hide our sheer envy.

Yes, I have a great husband. And yes he helps. And...

However, on Sunday, he did something extremely unusual. I left with the nugget - to simply get him out of the house and I left a totally dismantled kitchen. Breakfast dishes, maybe even the night before dishes, a dishwasher that needed emptying and groceries that perhaps still needed to be put away. I left, knowing that I would have a mess to attend to when I got home.

We (the nugget and I) were gone for maybe an hour.

When we got home, as I reached the top stair, I heard the whirring sound of a newly loaded dishwasher and caught a glimpse of a completely cleaned up kitchen.

Right then and there, I wanted to ditch the baby and jump into his arms.

Yes, the book is dead on and that's all it takes.

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