29 November 2009

Mama space

So this is new motherhood - all kinds of things I want to write about from several missed days of posting. I am have thought about going back and filling in, but as I have mentioned before, the going back keeps me from being right here. And right here is a baby with his first cold, a tired mama and an awesome dad who is pulling out all his tricks to soothe stuffy nosed baby back to sleep.

So right now...

I miss Domino. I really do. More than the magazine perhaps, I miss the pure joy and excitement that I felt when I would open my mail box and see the plastic wrapped bundle of inspiration. Because it meant that at some point that evening, I would get to sit in the comfy chair and do nothing else but slowly devour each page. That is what I miss.

So when Wisteria arrived last week, I tried to see if it would do. And though it wasn't even close, I still relished the 15 minutes that I took for myself that had nothing to do with baby, husband, cooking or cleaning. And, as I always do, I found a few magical gems that made me smile.

Wisteria is one of those catalogs that is about that special-one-of-a-kind something, that may be more pretty than practical but surely is worth the imbalance. The red rim metallic basket and the hanging lamp were both described as having "rustic sensibility" - a description that is so very close to my heart.

And yes it is the 1st of December. And yes, I LOVE Christmas. And I love felted toys - so a felted Nativity Scene is just divine.

And lastly, there is this image - of an adult room, full of color and life. I love it. And I love it more because I am in the midst of baby proofing our small little apartment - which makes me see everything through the eyes of an 8 month old tornado, who wants to put everything in his mouth and climb the walls. So I will enjoy this grown up space from a distance and get to my present moment which includes plastic activity tables and wooden blocks.

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