23 October 2009


There is sleep and then there is awake. And then there needs to be another word for action or non-action that takes place between 10pm and 6am that is some funky mixture of the two in 1.5 hour increments.

Needless to say mama was really tired on Friday morning.

Let's just say I was SOO tired today that we made it all the way to Monterey to gran-mama's house before realizing I had left the bag I had packed for me and the nugget on our bed at home. That meant no diapers, no pj's, no food, no clothes for me, no underwear for me, no wipes, no good night books - nada! Luckily, I had run out of time to dry all the clothes that I had started to wash on Friday morning, so I had a bag of wet clothes in the car that maybe included a set of pj's for the little dude.

Luckily, there is always Safeway and there are always pampers, no matter where you are.

1 comment:

  1. Every time we travel I remind myself that as long as I have my passport and wallet, every things else is replaceable and it helps me stay calm when we're about to leave the house. It is frustrating at first when you realize you left something though, or everything!