15 October 2009

Grouchy McGrouchalot

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Something is up with the nugget. Grouchy, cranky, impatient, irritable, clingy...that about sums it up. And then I think about it for a moment and grab the book - the book that tells me that we are right smack dab in the middle of Week 26.

I would be cranky too if my head wanted me to crawl but my body couldn't quite figure it out, if I fell over onto my face just because I was sitting and my sense of balance is not that of a yogis yet, if I started to be constipated because my mom is feeding me iron fortified rice cereal, if my gums were screaming in pain because my 2nd set of teeth was cutting through and if I were just totally bored with the stupid baby toys that someone keeps putting in front of me when all I really want is the cell phone and the car keys.

When I think of ALL of this - I relax, take a breath and simply pay attention to this little guy whose world is one big HUGE transition at the moment and then I remind myself that this too shall pass.

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