10 August 2009

My First Date

It's Monday night and I am on a date with myself.

I am at our corner coffee shop - with students and artists and couples on dates and a young man immersed in the pages of a yellowing old book. And right now, I am not a mom.

This new plan - of Monday nights for me are an attempt to establish or re-establish some sort of equilibrium. Of finding my inner calm and sanity that somehow after almost 5 months of being a new mom seems farther away than the Great Wall of China.

So I could be out shopping or at some bar or with some friends or at some yoga class, but instead I am sitting here, typing. I have chosen this because I have been yearning to speak - at least through the written word about what it feels like to be a mom, what it feels like to be responsible for feeding our family when cooking is one of my least favorite things to do and what it feels like to be a milk farm.

So, for my sanity, my equilibrium this will be my place to come back to, when I have something to say.

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