10 August 2009

About me

I am a new mom. I am a wife. I am a city dweller in a one bedroom apartment.

I gave birth at home in our living room, in a birthing tub.

I used to have a seated meditation practice - now I steal moments during the day, whenever I can. I trust this too shall pass.

I am learning to never say never.

I accept that there will always be a stain on my new white shirt.

A few of my favorite things include peonies : flea markets : barefeet : white peaches : lillet with lime : dancing : crafting : pigmy goats : thriftstores : mac & cheese : retreats in silence : salted caramels : organized drawers : healing touch : christmastime : bali : my red cowboy boots and holding my baby's hand while he sleeps.

Why maus + nugget?

My husband is German. He nicknamed me maus, very early on in our relationship. The name just stuck. We nicknamed our baby nugget, while in utero. That name just stuck too.

Why this blog?

Because when I write I feel the most like myself. Because my other blog http://pauseperiod.blogspot.com/ is on hold while I make sense of this first year of motherhood.

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