05 September 2008

It's been a long time since I wrote. Two weeks to be exact - which in the span of universal time is a mere wink, I know. But it feels long because I made a commitment to myself to write every week day for 30 days. Habits only change with practice and discipline I have learned.

But life gets in the way of changing habits - starting a new job has derailed my initial intention to write everyday and though I at first got down on myself, I realized that this was more a lesson in understanding and flexibility. I asked my husband to give me wiggle room for two weeks as I got adjusted to this new schedule but someone I forgot to allow myself the same thing.

So I wiggled and I didn't get anxious that I neglected my writings. Instead, I let myself sleep in and trusted that when the time was right I would find the time, or the time would find me.

And as always, here it is.

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