14 July 2008

{the Renegade craft fair}

In the end, the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself.
you can't go back now
- the weepies
Today is just a regular Monday. And here in San Francisco, it's actually a cloudy and gray Monday. But today is special - this is my first posting and my first little step.

Gratitude crept into my meditation this morning - gratitude for the wonderful weekend I had. A boisterous dinner with some of my favorite people, a sunday spent on DIY projects at home with my husband and a visit on saturday to SF's first Renegade craft fair.

Full of inspiration + creativity, I left feeling hopeful and happy. With my new found path of simplicity and mindful consumerism , I actually left without buying anything but I made sure to take the information for my favorite things.

The stand out :

Tea lights from domestic construction

Other things worth loving :

pottery by sara paloma : soap dish + vases from mediums to masses : polaroids + art from elizabeth soule : art, posters + calendars from nikki mcclure : covers for moleskin journals from chikabird + randl : vintage book journals from jacob deatherage : letterpress element art by lizzardpress : baby onesies + kid clothes by lali : belt buckle from reclaimed metal by buncombe buckles : recylced sterling bird on a wire necklaces by figs&ginger : collage : art by michelle caplan : ceramic pendants + pieces from olaria studio

I know that buying at the fair would have been the local thing to do. Most of the artists I mentioned are in the Bay Area and sell their wares locally - others are available through Etsy.

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