15 July 2008

{my creative self}

On my journey of self-discovery, Julia Cameron's The Artists Way proved inspiring and habit changing - the key to any type of transformation. In it, she encourages readers to take time for themselves, specifically time to nurture your creative-self. This time she calls Artist Dates.

What is an Artist Date?
A weekly commitment of time, for you alone, to explore and indulge your inner creative self.

The key to artists dates is that you are alone and that you stick to them, as diligently as you stick to your other commitments. And your inner artist doesn't have to be a painter - cooking, nature, house decorating, dancing, music, scrap booking, reading, knitting - these are all creative outlets.

For me, it is a time to be unavailable to everyone else - there are no bills to pay and nothing to do but explore something that delights me. It may sound indulgent, but for me, they have become as necessary to my health and well-being as eating well. I have committed to a weekly artist date and will share with you my adventures + insights, in the hopes of inspiring your own inner artist.

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