19 March 2010

Feeling better

He's back.

I guess that is the miracle of modern medicine, that after 24 hours and a couple of teaspoons of the pink stuff, our curious K is back, with smiles, babbles and an extremely delayed bedtime.

For the last two days, he's been a bit subdued and gentle, sleeping like a bear during the day, every few hours and then falling asleep by 6:30pm only to make noise again at 8am the next morning. And really, I have enjoyed every snoozing minute. I soaked in every minute of rocking in the glider with a stuffy nosed nugget dosing in my arms and even the time spent in the pediatrician's office with a very unhappy baby snuggled and asleep on my lap.

I am glad he is feeling better. And I am really glad that his fever is gone. And I fear, all that deep sleep may just be over. But we'll just have to wait and see.

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