04 March 2010

Be inspired

It's 10:21pm and I should be going to bed. I should be going to bed because I have been staying up way too long doing god knows what for the last few nights and before long a little nugget is going to make himself heard and since I am solo right now there is no one to soothe his sadness but me. But I am inspired. I am really inspired.

I am inspired because tonight I was a city dwelling, non-mama adult for a few hours in a really cool, hidden San Francisco gem. Amidst a delightful gaggle of designing women, tech savvy young men and a bunch of authentically pleasant, engaging, creative and artistically well dressed people, I sat and listened to a panel of blog "experts" talk about everything from the time it takes to post to etiquette to "you would not believe who I ended up meeting through my blog." And all of this took place in one of those truly devine San Francisco locals. Tucked away unobtrusively in one of those "I know it's South of Market somewhere" alley streets, the Barrel House is rustic and real and earthy and totally cool.

The evening was called BlogOutLoud 5 - and I am just really happy that I rsvp'd, got a babysitter, put on some lipgloss and went. And what is even better, is that I had calling cards with me that I had printed yesterday. And on top of that, I actually introduced myself to 3 people. Don't laugh - for me, that is huge.

As for the discussion, yes, it was informative. Yes, I left with a few technical things to look into. Yes, it was inspiring to hear how a small list of subscribers could and will grow (if you aren't a subscriber - please, sign up!). But really what got into my veins and is still stirring now 2 hours later is that I was in a room with people who love what they do.

Have you ever felt that? That energy that effortlessly bubbles to the surface when you speak to someone who is doing exactly what they are meant to be doing. It doesn't happen that often, but somehow tonight, the space was buzzing with the energy of passion and forward momentum.

Be your bliss, I say - or at least, start blogging about it.


  1. energy that comes from genuine passion can do a huge thing for our life... it's fantastic that you were able to experience the vibe! I wonder if BlogOutLoud would be in LA sometime...


  2. I was inspired to, It was nice to meet you!!

  3. So glad you came to the event too and had a great time!! I do BOL purely for this reason and *love* that I have been able to meet incredible people - like you - through this whole blogging thing! :) what a lovely reward! great blog you have here! xx, rebecca