06 December 2009


It was Nikolaus day today.

That means its the 6th of December.

And it is almost unheard of that there is not one sign of Christmas in our tiny little apartment. No music, no advent wreath, no bells on the door, no calendar filled with chocolate. My husband even asked what was going on.

And I don't have an answer. I love Christmas. I love everything about it. But it crept up on me. Suddenly there were tree lots and cars driving around with bound evergreens strapped to the roof. And jingles filling the air at the supermarket and dads on ladders stringing brightly colored lights. And wish lists and holiday parties and annual tree lighting. And then there is us.

And yes, it is the nugget's first Christmas. But he is still too little - too little for baking cookies and watching The Nutcracker and attending carols at Grace Cathedral. So instead of doing too much, I have done nothing.

But I want to feel it. I want to feel how I usually feel about this time of year. Maybe, I just need to set Pandora to O Holy Night and see what happens.

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