30 October 2009

First pea encounter

{from october 11, 2009}

So I admit it - starting solids was more intimidating to me than breastfeeding ever was. When at 4 months he started to grab at my food and smack his lips, I thought "But baby, mama is not ready for solids!" But as with anything else, I simply took a deep breath, baked some sweat potatoes and off we went.
I will admit that there have been jarred this and that, here and there - pears were a hit, apples too - but peas, well...you can see for yourself. It just comes down to color - when I made my first homemade peas, the color was divine. Made the drab, lifeless and stale looking canned peas look even worse.
Seems the nugget liked the homemade version too.

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