26 October 2009

Born at home in HD

I was hoping that by his 6 month birthday I would have found the time and inspiration to put into words the story of his birth. But, I have found neither. Not because I haven't wanted to, but more that it feels like it happened yesterday, and every moment in still etched into my brain and my body.

Instead, this past Friday, on the day after he turned 7 months, the wonderful Leigh of Marvelous Kiddo has given everyone the chance to see what I am still waiting to put into words. She is both mother and design maven - two worlds and passions that are close and dear to my own heart, so I am honored that she would choose our story as the Birth story of the week.

Yes, it is an intimate look at a very intimate day in my life - but it is also a beautiful story about what birth at home can look like.

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