25 April 2009

This says it all

{written on april 24th

Really, this just says it all. I know new parents are tired - it is part of the package. But it really isn't until you experience it yourself that you realize what it really feels like. I was one of those people who NEEDED 8 hours of continuous sleep - 9 would even be better. And now, it has been exactly 33 days since my last 8 hour stretch of sleep and though I feel I shouldn't operate heavy machinery or make major financial decisions, the foggy haze is partly blissful, partly delirious and partly tolerable. In fact, it is becoming normal. So yes, someday I suppose I will sleep 8 hours again, but for now I am so ever grateful for the 2 hours I can indulge in as my perfect little nugget dozes into slumber land to the rythmic glide of the world's greatest invention: the mechanical swing.

Sweet dreams.

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