25 June 2009

A different kind of preparation

I wish I could help navigate all the differing opinions that are being thrown at new moms or say that it gets better, but unfortunately it is just part of having a baby. Our nugget was born 5 months ago and the opposing opinions now relate to vaccinations, solids, sleep and everything in between.

I remember when I was pregnant, just wishing someone would tell me what stroller to get, what class to take, what book to read, etc

My husband and I actually took the Mindfulness Based Childbirth Prep Class at the Osher Center and it was an incredibly beneficial class. Not really a typical childbirth prep class - but more a preparation for whatever our labor was going to look like. I can HIGHLY recommend Nancy Bardake and this class. http://www.mindfulbirthing.org/classes/MBCE_detail.html

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