20 August 2008

from the latest TOAST catalog

Everyone has a style. Perhaps you know yourself so well that you can pop out a two word catch phrase that explains your personal aesthetic: classic modern, vintage chic, preppy punk. But maybe you are like me and have split personalities that can appreciate anything from princess to preppy. But I have wanted a name - my own catch phrase that acts like an umbrella for all the things I love. The better you get to know yourself, the clearer things get and the more focused your eye becomes - you know what fits, what colors make you glow and what pieces of furniture will never get on your nerves. For me, this has been one of the beautiful parts of getting older - with each year there is more clarity, more precision and more acceptance.

So, after careful introspection and a lot of self-improvement books, I have come up with two options: earthy chic or modern rustic. It is a style defined by imperfections, reclaimed wood, heavy farm tables, washed linens, organic properties, clean lines, deep jeweled color, signs of aging, and classic elegance. It's what I gravitate towards - everytime.

Which is also why I began to salivate when I found - TOAST . From the UK, it promotes the use of organic cottons, local vendors and sustainable business practices. And it is beautiful.

From home goods to women's attire - I love every piece and want to melt into every photo. A bit Anthropologie, a bit Sundance, a bit cowgirl,a bit environmentalist, a bit romantic, a bit modern, a bit hippy, a bit classic, a bit eclectic, a bit gypsy, and a bit European - just like me.


PS - They have cool wallpaper images (that are changed per catalog) that can be downloaded as screen savers for your computer.

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