17 July 2008

{maintain well-being}

If an artist date is time to nurture my inner creative self, then a wellness date is just time to nurture myself, period.

Self-care shouldn't be a tricky or foreign concept, but it may just be the most diffilut thing for some of us to do. We don't take care of ourselves. I am fascinated with the why and will probably spend lots of time and entries getting to the essence of the answer but until then, I am going to commit to a weekly wellness date - time, alone, to nurture myself.

This week I visited Safronya, an Ayurvedic retreat center, in San Rafael. Once a month, they host a sangha - the Sanskrit word for a gathering or community with a common goal, vision or purpose - open to the public to share and discuss the practices and philosphy of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda, the living and healing science of India, is a true lifestyle approach to well-being. Nourishment and therapies include guidance with food, stress reduction techniques, mindfulness practices and movement - though it can not be reduced to these "To do" things. It is truly holistic in nature and I have found it to be the most beneficial approach to my own health. It requires your own participation in your life and health and that you take care of yourself.

Safronya offers services for body, mind and spirit that go beyond spa treatments. Last night's sangha was a beautiful gathering of women, who each gave themselves this time to connect, listen and learn.

I left feeling excited, happy, empowered and eagerly awaiting the gathering in August.

For more information about Ayurveda and Safronya, please visit their website.

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