19 December 2009

Buy handmade

Tis the season for craft fairs. Seems there is one every weekend.

I went to the Bizare Bizaar last weekend - and actually left my wallet in the car. You see, we decided this year to forgo presents. There are a few little tricks up my sleeve for my husband and a few things for other family members but we have freed ourselves this year from the "oh, my god, what am I going to get for so-and-so" or "I spent more money on her present but its really small in size, so it looks like nothing compared to the cheapo things that so-and-so got that make up a tower of gifts." And can I say - there is an immense freedom in not giving store bought gifts and there is an immense amount of time I have available to do anything else but shop.

This year the gifts are of time, togetherness and craftsmanship - My wish from my husband was to have our music situation figured out - all CD's uploaded, IPOD synched, itunes accounts merged. The whole shabang. We'll see if that actually happens.

So going into last weeks fair, I knew there was nothing I needed. But what happened was that I realized that there was also nothing that I wanted. Perhaps living in less than 700 sq feet makes me more aware of what comes in, or maybe I just feel full - full with all the stuff we already have. Or maybe, I just feel content and happy, and aware that nothing material actually makes the good, content feeling stay for very long.

However, I am always curious who is making what and how and how much. And sometimes, there are little treasures that stand out. So, I take their cards, look them up and save them for the day when in fact a little retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered.
This year's treasures are:

I saw them last year. See photo above. I love everything - their website, their photography, their business card. This year, I wanted the moonshine t-shirt for the nugget. But somehow I just couldn't do the $35 pricetag. Next year.

Katy Kristin
Handmade hedgehog. Stuffed. Enough said.

Bird Mafia
New this year. Strange and whimsical felted cubes in the shapes of animals - my favorite was the owl. Nugget seemed to be intrigued.

One of a kind baby and kid clothes made from recycled fabrics. Adorable. Just adorable.

The nugget and I whirled through the crowds, grabbed cards and then slipped right back out the door, as quietly as we had entered. I will go to Renegade tomorrow - because I get inspired that people are creating, making, recycling, reinventing and repurposing. And I get happy when I see people supporting handmade. We'll see if I can leave there empty handed as well.

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  1. I can't believe it took us this long to find your sweet post about us at Bazaar Bizarre! Thanks for the props, and there might just be a discounted Moonshine in your nugget's future...if you're still interested, convo us on Etsy!!